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This blog is hosted by Eugenie Verney, writer, consultant, communicator of the New Rules of marketing and PR, and author with Daniel Barnett ( of "Intelligent Marketing for Employment Lawyers".


What business am I in? Good question. I’ve played a lot of different roles on my way here. They’ve all shaped what I now do best: communicate ideas. Ticking them off, there’s a hefty chunk of journalism, some corporate communications, a varied portfolio of copywriting, plenty of PR, a sprinkling of sports event management, a Masters degree in UK employment law, and co-authorship of a book – "Intelligent Marketing for Employment Lawyers". And I'm also a Product Launch Manager, personally trained by Jeff Walker.

I run my own UK-based marketing, PR and business development business, Cirrus Associates Ltd, working with like-minded communications and design professionals to help our clients reach their widest audience.

The silver thread running through everything I do is my quest for simplicity. Make an idea accessible and guess what? It stands a very good chance of being understood. Strip your writing of jargon and gobbledygook and guess what? People will read beyond the end of the first line. Take these basic precepts into any business and watch as simplicity becomes the catalyst that opens up new channels of communication...

We live at an extraordinary junction in human history. One model of western capitalism hangs by a thread as a successor has yet to emerge; our very survival as a species is no longer a given as we push our planet towards a deadly tipping point. At the same time, we have never before been able to touch so many people so quickly, in ways that even five years ago were way over the horizon. Rewind your own clock: wherever you were in 2005, could you have envisaged the phenomenon that is Twitter? The arrival of social media is quite amazing and has – without exaggeration – changed everything: how we work, how we play, how we define ourselves.

My absolute hero in this context is American thought leader and online marketing expert David Meerman Scott, author of “The New Rules of Marketing and PR”, “World Wide Rave”, and "Real-Time Marketing and PR" – three seminal books for our time. That’s why this blog’s title is Playing by the New Rules: I follow with huge respect where Scott is leading.

For a communicator – and particularly a communicator with strong writing skills – these are interesting times indeed. This blog is my contribution to the debate.

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running, writing, swimming, cycling, good food, observing the social media flow, reading whatever comes my way, not living in a city, being the best mum I can be.